Girls Historical Characters Costumes

Egyptian Princess Girl’s Costume

Cleopatra Girl’s Costume

Roman Princess Girl’s Costume

Biblical Mary Girl’s Costume

Harlequin Clown Girl’s Costume

Gothic Princess Girl’s Costume

Jester Girl Girl’s Costume

Jester Girl’s Costume

Festive Jester Girl’s Costume

Regal Queen Girl’s Costume

Renaissance Lady Girl’s Costume

Renaissance Queen Girl’s Costume

Lady of the Palace Girl’s Costume

Queen Guinevere Girl’s Costume

Pilgrim Girl’s Costume

Pilgrim Girl’s Costume

Princess Wildflower Girl’s Costume

White Indian Princess Girl’s Costume

Native American Princess

Betsy Ross Girl’s Costume

Colonial Girl’s Costume

Colonial Lady Girl’s Costume

Colonial Girl’s Costume

Harriet Tubman or Susan B. Anthony Girl’s Costume

Steam Punk Girl’s Costume

Pioneer Girl’s Costume

Annie Oakley Girl’s Costume

Gangster Girl’s Costume

50’s Hop Girl’s Costume

50’s Sweetheart Pink Jacket Girl’s Costume

60’s Mod Chic Girl’s Costume

Pink Poodle Skirt Girl’s Costume

Soda Pop Girl’s Costume

Woodstock Love Child Girl’s Costume

60s Mod Chic Girl’s Costume

Disco Darling Girl’s Costume

80s Valley Girl’s Costume

Punky Prep Diva Girl’s Costume

Punk Lipstick Diva Girl’s Costume

Hollywood Diva Girl’s Costume